Are Jedward going to be next to the CBB house?


As rumours spread over the two new faces to be introduced to the CBB house tonight, everyone is pretty sure who they think it's going to be.

Irish duo Jedward appear to be the best bet for the new entries, following their appearance on the show back in 2011.

They made it to the final at the time - despite causing a fair share of havoc with their antics - and became best mates with co-housemate Tara Reid, who they then featured in their music video for their single Wow Oh Wow.

Another terrible twosome for the CBB house?
Another terrible twosome for the CBB house? (Ian West/PA)

Their entry to this year's house could see them present a fun challenge for Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag (aka Speidi), who have already marked their territory as power couple of the series.

While Friday night's mystery housemates are officially being kept under tight wraps until the live entry at 9pm, the pair last night Tweeted emojis of their faces in punctuation form - symbolising the two new faces to the CBB house, perhaps?

It could mark another step in a year of transformation for the 25-year-old twins, who are gearing up for their latest release, Oxygen.

Last month, they sent fans into a frenzy after posting pictures of themselves from a topless photo shoot, revealing just how much they've grown up as their career reaches the 10-year mark.

Tune into Channel 5 at 9pm to find out!