Emmerdale fans can't get enough of the Robron kiss


Love was in the air in Thursday's episode of Emmerdale, with plenty of the villagers puckering up to their dream dates.

But while the big storyline was Kerry and Dan working things out and declaring undying love for each other, what the fans really cared about was a Robron PDA.

Robron featured in Thursday night's Emmerdale (ITV)

Robert and Aaron's romance has largely taken place behind closed doors so far, but they enjoyed a smooch in front of the whole pub - and viewers were cheering them on.

It's what fans of the couple have been waiting to see for months.

However, there's still a little trouble in paradise as the couple argued over a work trip to Vegas versus a dirty weekend in Manchester - but surely love will win out?

Let's take a look at that landmark moment again...

Looks like we're all a little bit in love now.

Emmerdale, please say there are happy times ahead for Robron in 2017.