George Michael fans have nearly reached a petition target for a statue to be erected outside his home


A petition by George Michael fans urging Westminster to erect a statue of the late singer outside his north London home has almost reached its target of 1,500 signatures.

The campaign comes as it was revealed that the Last Christmas singer anonymously donated vast amounts to local events in the Highgate area over the last decade, including buying the community Christmas tree.

It generated more than 1,400 signatures less than a week after it was launched by John Vasiliou on, days after the star's death aged 53.

Fans petition for a fitting tribute outside the singer's London home.
Fans petition for a fitting tribute outside the singer's London home (Stefan Rousseau/PA)

John, who is pushing for the statue "in honour of the music and songs he wrote for all his fans", plans to deliver the completed petition to Prime Minister Theresa May.

According to the Hampstead and Highgate Express, George, who lived in The Grove in Highgate, was the most generous regular contributor to the popular Fair in the Square event after organisers contacted him more than 10 years ago to ask if he could help.

Commenting on the campaign page, Anna H wrote: "George Michael was a philanthropist, a heroic spokesman for the gay community and an exceptional artist of his time.

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"As the USA has their Hollywood walk of fame, Britain should honour this musical icon in their own way, by erecting a statue in memory of the late George Michael... to pay their respects to a true British icon."

The Wham! star, who died on Christmas Day, is also set to be honoured at the NatWest British LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) Awards this year.

The event, which has previously handed awards to the likes of actor Sir Ian McKellen, presenter Stephen Fry and journalist Clare Balding, will pay tribute to George at its annual awards ceremony in central London on May 12.

As planning for this year's event begins, founder Sarah Garrett commented to the The Sun: "George Michael was an international LGBT icon, a trailblazer and music legend.

"Millions loved his music but he was also loved for the magnificent support he gave to charities, especially LGBT charities such as the Terrence Higgins Trust."