Mums happy to stay in on NYE as Tom Hardy reads CBeebies Bedtime Story

Usually on New Year's Eve, you'll hear the mothers of small children complaining about having to spend the evening at home.

But tonight, parents up and down the land were pleased to be stuck on the sofa while everyone else was out partying - why? Because Tom Hardy was reading the CBeebies Bedtime Story.

Tom Hardy
Tom and Woody read the Bedtime Story (BBC)

The kids' channel closes each evening with a celebrity reading out a soothing tale, and as plenty of older viewers had excitedly known for a while, tonight was Tom's turn.

It's not always hard work being a mum at the kids' bedtime.

CBeebies may be aimed at pre-schoolers, but tonight their audience's average age may have risen.

Many children may have mistakenly thought they were being treated to some bedtime telly because it was New Year.

He also brought along his sleepy dog Woody, who melted viewers' hearts even more.

Rarely has having no plans on New Year's Eve seemed like such a good prospect.

Finally, a nice ending to the terrible year that was 2016.

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