Arnold Schwarzenegger will make Celeb Apprentice his own when he takes over from Donald Trump


Arnold Schwarzenegger says viewers will find out who's the boss when he takes over from Donald Trump in the revamped US version of Celebrity Apprentice.

Trump's elevation from reality star to president-elect has created an opening for the actor and former California governor to step into his shoes.

donald trump stood by christmas decorations (Andrew Harnik/AP)
(Andrew Harnik/AP)

But Arnie says he will be fronting a different show. He said: "The show is Arnold. The other one was Trump. I have a different personality and I do everything kind of lighthearted."

Arnie is a moderate Republican and said in an October statement that he wouldn't vote for Trump, calling it a choice of "your country over your party" but he is sanguine about whether the Trump connection, past or present, may dissuade some viewers from tuning in after the bitterly divisive presidential election.

Arnold Schwarzenegger attending the Empire Magazine Film Awards held at the Grosvenor Hotel in London.
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"People always like to associate themselves with a winner, and he won, so I think that's a big plus for the show," Schwarzenegger said. Besides, he added, "I never concern myself over things I have no control over."

"When we did the show, we didn't do it thinking about, 'Is Trump going to win? What does it mean he was the host of the show?' None of it," he said.

Donald Trump

Contestant Laila Ali, boxing champ and daughter of the late Muhammad Ali, did consider whether some might vote against watching Celebrity Apprentice because of Trump.

"It's definitely something I thought about, and I'm hoping that doesn't happen because it's a whole new show. But I could definitely see certain people feeling that way," she said.

Muhammed Ali's daughter Laila Ali celebrates her TKO 6th round victory over Valerie Mahfood, at Super-Middleweight at the Staples Centre Arena in Los Angeles.
Laila Ali (Nick Potts/PA)

"We shot the show a long time ago (last February) and things weren't where they are now."

She hopes viewers will "take it for what it is", entertainment in which money won by its celebrity competitors goes to charity. In Ali's case, that's the Women's Sports Foundation.

Other contenders include Boy George, Eric Dickerson, Vince Neil, Jon Lovitz, Carson Kressley, Carnie Wilson and Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi.