This tribute to Carrie Fisher from her dog's Twitter account is possibly the most moving of all


Carrie Fisher took her French bulldog Gary everywhere with her.

He was by her side when she did interviews for television shows ...

carrie fisher is interviewed on tv with her dog (Ian West/PA)
(Ian West/PA)

... and even when she appeared on the red carpet.

carrie fisher on the red carpet with her dog (Anthony Devlin/PA)
(Anthony Devlin/PA)

Gary, of course, has his own regularly updated Twitter account which shared this touching message on Christmas Eve when Fisher was in hospital after suffering from a heart attack on a plane from London to LA the day before.

But today with the sad news of her death, the same picture has been uploaded again but with a totally heartbreaking caption.

It's made people very emotional.

Some have been responding with pictures of their own dogs and nice messages for Gary.