This guy's method for winning at Jenga is genius

If you're always the one who knocks over the tower during games of Jenga, take a leaf out of this guy's book.

Twitter user Heidi Stephens posted a video on Twitter of her boyfriend Pip Temple showing off his homemade Jenga pistol - and frankly, we can't see how anyone is ever going to beat him.


Pip says on his website: "It's powered by elastic bands and works with standard-sized Jenga (the giant version might be a bit of a stretch - though making a pistol for that would be fun too)."

Some kids playing giant Jenga
We cannot guarantee the Jenga pistol would work on this set (Jon Super/PA)

He says they're handmade in his workshop, and he's selling them for £29 a pop.

So if you're desperate to be the family Jenga champion this Christmas, head to his website.

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