Royle Family fans' tears and laughter at Nana episode as they remember Caroline Aherne


It's one of the nation's best-loved comedies, but tonight's repeat of The Royle Family sparked as much sadness as it did joy.

BBC One aired a repeat of the one-off episode The Queen Of Sheba, which caught up with the TV-loving family seven years on from Baby David's christening, which was just as funny as we all remembered.

The Royle Family
Caroline (right) with Sue Johnston in The Royle Family (BBC)

However, viewers couldn't help but be reminded of the sad passing of Caroline Aherne earlier this year, who stars as Denise and co-wrote the series.

Caroline, who also narrated Gogglebox, died in July from cancer aged 52.

The episode is a sad one for fans anyway as Nana, who had moved in with the Royles, died during it.

Although it was bittersweet watching, it reminded us of the incredible contribution Caroline made to comedy.

There's nothing quite like The Royle Family at Christmas, and this was a perfect episode to honour Caroline.