Martin Scorsese: 'Cinema is gone'


Martin Scorsese says he feels like one of the last of a dying breed in today's film industry.

The 74-year-old acclaimed director's latest film, Silence, is a religious epic, starring Andrew Garfield and Adam Driver, which tackles his twin passions: God and cinema.

He said that the power of cinema had diminished with younger audiences.

 Martin Scorsese (Dominic Lipinski/PA)
Martin Scorsese (Dominic Lipinski/PA)

"Cinema is gone," the Raging Bull and Taxi Driver director said. "The cinema I grew up with and that I'm making, it's gone.

"The theatre will always be there for that communal experience, there's no doubt. But what kind of experience is it going to be?

"Is it always going to be a theme-park movie? I sound like an old man, which I am."

He added: "It (cinema) should matter to your life. Unfortunately the latest generations don't know that it mattered so much."