Can you spot the Easter egg hidden in JK Rowling's brand new website?


JK Rowling recently launched her new revamped website where you may have noticed a hand-scribbled phrase that said: "I want a large gin."
( screenshot)

But there's something else that's been less easy to spot - a sneaky little Easter egg Rowling hid to delight her fans.

If you read through the Harry Potter author's welcome message, you would have seen something about a "debunking function", where she adds "you might not find the button right away".
( screenshot)

For those who aren't familiar, the debunking function was a feature on Rowling's old website, where she laid to rest any rumours about her work and the fictional characters she created.

So the main question is, where is this feature? (It's certainly not on the site's menu bar.)
( screenshot)

To find out where Rowling hid this Easter egg, you need to head over to the site's homepage. Then you need to keep scrolling down until you reach a crumpled ball of paper and click on it. Your move will take you straight to the debunking section.

There's nothing on that page at the moment, but we have a sneaky feeling it won't stay empty for long.