Dame Mary Archer was everyone's hero on the famous all-female team for the University Challenge Christmas special


If there's anything to make you feel bad about not using your degree to its full potential it's the University Challenge Christmas special.

The teams were made up of alumni who've since achieved distinction in their fields - including many well known faces - and it was the all-female St Anne's Oxford team who absolutely slayed.

University Challenge

TV correspondent Jacky Rowland, art historian and broadcaster Dr Janina Ramirez, BBC News science correspondent Rebecca Morelle and chairman of the Science Museum Group Mary Archer walked over the Manchester team with 185 points to 55. The college was formerly a women's college but has been coeducational since 1979.

Team captain Mary Archer was everyone's stand out contestant.


The Manchester team - including poet Simon Armitage, president of the Paralympic Committee Sir Philip Craven, journalist Sarfraz Manzoor and the Natural History Museums's Erica McAlister will probably be kicking themselves.

University Challenge (BBC/Screenshot)

But it really did put our post-university achievements into rather harsh perspective.