That moment when someone on The Apprentice final says more people order over the phone than online nowadays


It's The Apprentice final between Courtney and Alana and, as is tradition, they get to pick which of the previous fired candidates they want to help them with the final, deciding task of launching their business.

But Courtney was probably regretting the motley crew he got on board when it came to them putting together a TV advert for his online novelty gift brand Purple Whale.

Note the word *online*.

His sub team put together an advert featuring a pretend customer (aka Karthik) ordering something from the business over the phone.

karthik acts in the advert (Screengrab/BBC)

As Karen pointed out, it's an online business and there's not even so much as a computer in sight - and their reaction was a picture.

the team mates look embarrassed (Screengrab/BBC)

Then Jessica actually tried to justify it by saying these words: "The thought process behind it was a lot of people do order things down the phone rather than the laptop."

And Karen's face and sarcastic "really?" said it all.

Face palm emoji, indeed.