The BBC News dancing man has visited the newsroom to groove along to the jingle


One of the brightest moments of 2016 came very recently, when a man in Leicester Square started dancing along to the most iconic of British songs: the BBC news jingle.

Now the BBC have responded in the best way possible by inviting him into the studio.

First up, here's a refresher of the routine that sparked it all.

And now the dancer Corville Cuffy has taken his true place in the BBC newsroom.

There is so much to love about this video. We can't get enough of the cheesy grin on Corville's face: we're just pleased he's having as good a time as us.

It's giving everyone the light relief that we all deserve.

Others are wondering if this spells a new era for how the news is presented.

However, there is a bit of drama at the end when Corville doesn't quite nail the backflip and the presenters don't know how to handle it.

BBC presenters

But luckily, Corville's particular brand of joy isn't just limited to the newsroom. He's also around the BBC's offices.

And outside Broadcasting House.

We sincerely hopes he doesn't stop there.