People thought the Nicky Morgan handbag stand-in was a worthy replacement on Have I Got News For You


When a guest cancels their appearance on a show at the last minute, you'd assume there'd be a mild state of panic as producers decided what to do next.

But Have I Got News For You made it look easy tonight by replacing former cabinet minister and panellist drop-out Nicky Morgan with a large leather handbag.

It was even mic'd up and everything.

handbag on the show (Screengrab/BBC)

Guest host Gary Lineker introduced the bag by saying: "Because of a falling-out at Downing Street over Theresa May's £1,000 trousers she decided not to come. So please welcome, Nicky Morgan's £1,000 leather handbag."

Paul Merton added: "It hasn't done much yet... I am hoping it will justify its appearance fee at the end of the programme." He later quipped: "So far it's doing better than some of the people I have been sitting next to recently."

Morgan became embroiled in the embarrassing *trousergate* row when she criticised the PM for wearing leather trousers worth almost a grand - despite owning a handbag much to the same value.

People thought the stand-in was an absolutely hilarious move and they could surprisingly see a lot of potential in it.

However, there were some who didn't think it was that original, as a similar gag was used with a tub of lard in place of former Labour politician Roy Hattersley when he pulled out back in 1993.

But in a true sign of our times, the bag is proving so popular that it's even got its own Twitter account.

Good work all round.