Judge Rinder prank called Benedict Cumberbatch and it is too good

Apparently Judge Rinder has a bit of time on his hands since exiting Strictly - or at least enough to leave prank phone messages for his celeb mates.

Appearing on Alan Carr's Happy Hour, he accepted a challenge to phone Dr Strange star Benedict Cumberbatch for a bit of acting advice.

More specifically, on how to handle an offer to front an ad campaign for diarrhoea tablets.

Of course, it's a tragic shame that Benedict didn't actually pick up the phone, but we have to hand it to the Judge for his expert poker voice and completely straight-faced plea for help.

We didn't get to see Benedict's reaction, but we imagine it looked something like this...

You want me to help you with what?!
You want me to help you with what?! (Grant Pollard/AP/PA)

And he wasn't the only TV star that Alan tried to prank into a new job role.

He also attempted to sweet-talk Davina McCall into getting her kit off for a nude Come Dine With Me.

It was a more successful challenge, in that she picked up the phone and didn't seem to grasp that it was all a big joke, but her answer was still a very well worded "that'll be a no".

Good choice, Davina.

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