Martine McCutcheon and Hugh Grant did WHAT when they filmed Love Actually?


Martine McCutcheon and Hugh Grant's on-screen romance in Love Actually is one of the greatest in recent years, and it's fair to say the festive film is one of the best Christmas flicks of the past 20 years, too.

But Martine has now revealed something that even the biggest Love Actually fans might be surprised about: that she and Hugh had to kiss with tongues while filming.

And, she revealed on Loose Women, it took them rather a lot of takes to get the kiss right.

Love Actually
Love Actually (ITV Loose Women/grab)

The star, who is a panellist on the ITV daytime programme, revealed all while discussing the film with her co-stars Katie Price, Andrea McLean and Saira Khan.

In case you have forgotten, in the 2003 Richard Curtis film, Hugh played the Prime Minister David and Martine was a new member of the household staff at Downing Street. The two embarked on a romance against the odds.

Martine explained, of the scene in which she kisses Hugh at the very end in the airport: "It was our first scene that we filmed. It was lovely because it set the tone for the rest of the film."

Katie said: "You're lucky because you kissed Hugh Grant on the lips."

Martine then added, with relish: "It took me 12 takes."

When Katie asked if Hugh was good and if they used tongues, Martine said: "Yeh he was... Yeh we were asked to."

Katie couldn't quite believe her, so Martine added: "Of course I did - I've got to do my job, Katie!"

Martine, who is happily married to Jack McManus, then quickly made sure to apologise as she said to the camera: "Sorry hubby!"