Someone has redesigned these bollards to make them look like Olaf from Frozen


If you are a fan of the movie Frozen, you'll probably wish you were in this little town in Scotland right now.

That's because nearly every bollard in Callander, Stirling has been turned into Olaf (or a woolly snowman that looks like Olaf) as part of the town's winter festival celebrations.

The covers were designed by Julie Carmichael from Deli Ecosse Callendar and made by two community groups in the town - Meet and Make, and Creative in Callander.

Olaf bollards in Callander.
(Deborah O'oHara)

Among them was 52-year-old Deborah O'Hara who said the new additions have been "the perfect add on" to the festival.

She added: "The Olafs will be available to see from now until the end of the festive season.

"Everybody likes to get into the Christmas spirit and these Olafs have definitely added some fun to the matter."

Olaf bollards in Callander.
(Deborah O'oHara)

It is understood that the new additions have proved popular with residents and visitors in the town who have been stopping to get photographs of them.

All we need is Elsa and Anna to turn up and Stirling will pretty much be Arendelle. OK, maybe not.