Viewers confused as Rillington Place star changes accent during the show


The creators of Rillington Place have defended the BBC One drama after viewers were puzzled by the the lead star's change of accent.

Viewers were left confused when actor Nico Mirallegro sounded Welsh but also Cockney while playing Timothy Evans.

The three-part drama, based on real events, stars Tim Roth as serial killer John Christie and Nico and Jodie Comer as Tim and Beryl Evans.

Rillington Place
Rillington Place (BBC/Des Willie)

The switch did not go unnoticed:

Some viewers were amused, not angered:

Mostly though people were baffled:

But the show's writers Ed Whitmore and Tracey Malon told it was all part of a plan, because Tim had adopted a London "barrow boy" accent to fit in.

"Tim moved to London from Wales around the age of 11; his half-sister told us he was very keen to fit in and soon adopted a London 'barrow-boy' accent, but that he could slip back into his childhood accent when around members of his Welsh family," they said.

The third episode airs on Tuesday.