Orange gin and Apprentice contestants do not mix well


It's been a long old process for the Apprentice candidates, so who can blame them for wanting to have a cheeky drink and let their hair down a little?

Well, perhaps right in the middle of a task wasn't the ideal time to do it...

The team took a few wrong turns (BBC)

This week, the entrepreneurs were challenged to create a new brand of gin, infused with different flavours, which of course meant that someone had to check it tasted OK.

Trishna and Grainne were the brave candidates who stepped up and agreed to the tough task of tasting.

But whether they were just a bit giggly or the spirit had gone to their heads, the real thing leaving a bad taste in the viewers' mouths about their team was the fact that PM Frances had called it Colony Gin.

Some misheard it as another pretty terrible name...

And unfortunately, their bright idea to add orange colouring did not go down well.

This one's giving us a bit of a hangover already.