Apprentice gin challenge sees taste-testing team get a little tipsy

A pair of Apprentice candidates were left a little tipsy by their latest challenge as the two teams were tasked with creating their own brand of gin.

The six contestants enter Lord Sugar's lair full of Dutch courage as they continue to battle it out for the business magnate's £250,000 investment in a task that takes them to distilleries, bars and eventually the boardroom.

As the competition reaches its climax, both teams attempt to create their own blend of the popular spirit and sample some of the finest flavours on offer.

Grainne and Trishna (BBC)

Team Nebula, led by Courtney Wood, opt for a raspberry-infused gin while rivals Titan enjoy their taste-testing a little too much - with Grainne McCoy and Trishna Thakrar missing 19 phone calls from teammate Frances Bishop.

After creating their own brand, the teams are tasked with pitching their products to a wine merchants, a mainstream supermarket brand and a pub retailer.

The six hopefuls are then invited into the boardroom where Lord Sugar leaves a bitter taste in at least one contestant's mouth with his inevitable catchphrase.

:: The Apprentice airs at 9pm on Thursday on BBC One.

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