Dan Walker: I won't be waltzing on to Strictly Come Dancing

BBC Breakfast presenter Dan Walker has turned down Len Goodman's suggestion that he join Strictly Come Dancing - saying "it's not for me".

Breakfast host Naga Munchetty as well as former BBC Breakfast presenters Natasha Kaplinsky, Bill Turnbull and weather host Carol Kirkwood have previously competed on the BBC One show.

Len told Dan and co-host Louise Minchin that he had noticed the Breakfast presenter had promising hip action when they walked up the stairs.

Dan Walker and Louise Minchin
Dan Walker and Louise Minchin (BBC/screengrap)

"We had Naga on this year, Carol last year... Dan!", he said.

"I did a programme with you... You were going up some stairs and I was behind you.

"As you went up I thought, 'the boy's got hip action'."

But Dan told Len: "It's not for me.

"You're leaving, I'm not going to start!"

Naga Munchetty and Pasha Kovalev (Guy Levy/BBC/PA)
Naga Munchetty and Pasha Kovalev (Guy Levy/BBC/PA)

Len also hinted that the 'Len's Lens' segment of Strictly - where he shines a spotlight to look closely at contestants' dances - would stay even when he departs - as a tribute to him.

"I'm hoping that they're going to keep that," he said, "as a sort of tribute to old Len Goodman."

He added: "In about 20 years time if Strictly's still going, they'll say 'why do they call it Len's Lens?'"

He said of stepping down from the show: "I'm so happy that if I'm going to go I'm going to go on this fantastic series."

Len has previously told how he wanted to quit before getting "dithery".

And after the Breakfast hosts said he was nowhere near "dithery", he replied: "I'm not far from it."

Asked whether Danny Mac was the best male dancer the show has ever seen, he replied: "No... I don't know... possibly...

"He's a really terrific dancer I've got to say, but is he better than Harry Judd? Is he better than Ricky Whittle? I don't know.

"Dancing is about comparisons... so unless you saw the three of them on the floor at the same time... All I can say is they're all great."

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