Leonardo DiCaprio is making Tom Hardy do WHAT?


He has psyched himself up to play some pretty challenging roles, but Tom Hardy's next project might well be his toughest.

And nope, it isn't another movie, but a rubbish tattoo that he will be forced to get after losing a bet to Leonardo DiCaprio.

According to Esquire magazine, Leo bet Tom that he would receive an Oscar nomination for his role in The Revenant, which he then did.

Tom Hardy
'Yes, I'd like to book a tattoo session please...' (Jonathan Brady/PA)

Apparently Tom promised the Hollywood god that he would get a tattoo of his choosing if he made the cut, so Leo scrawled "Leo knows everything" on a Post-It.

So now that is what Tom - the man who played Bane, Ivan Locke, and The Revenant's John Fitzgerald - will be adding to his gallery of body art. The masterpiece will take pride of place among Tom's inked images of the London skyline, a Chinese dragon, his wife's name, his agent's name, a Madonna and child and a Buddha with an AK47.

He admitted to the magazine on Tuesday: "I haven't got it yet ... because it sucks," adding that he wants Leo to "write it properly" first.

While most would kill to have a personally written note from Leo permanently etched into their skin, we reckon we'll be seeing Tom making his next TV appearance on an episode of Tattoo Fixers...