More hungry lions, a fox headbutting snow and a calf's footrace with a wolf: Planet Earth II enchanted us again


David Attenborough's voice guided us through the penultimate episode of Planet Earth II on a cold December night.

This week, the world's best reality TV show gave us an intimate look at the inner workings of grasslands.

Our screens were filled with ants and termites, a mini-cheetah serval cat, ANOTHER failed lion hunt, a fox who can dive better than Tom Daley and trampolinist birds on the pull.

(Screen Grab/BBC)
(Screen Grab/BBC)

This time round a lion pride managed to get a good few bites into a buffalo who weighed more than five of them combined.

But, just as last week, the so-called King's of the Jungle couldn't bring their pray down, leaving this little guy below to to hungry.

This harvest mouse and fox captured how people were feeling about working in the morning and 2016 in general.

And a cute serval cat, which looks just like a mini-me cheetah, stalked a rat in an incredibly tense montage. But just like the lions ended up going hungry.

What is it with big(ish) cats?

(Chadden Hunter/BBC NHU)
(Chadden Hunter/BBC NHU)

Bouncing birds desperate to attract a mate impressed with the amount of effort they put in.

There was even a brief glimpse of a dragon.

The show ended with a heart-stopping chase which saw a snow-white arctic wolf tear across the plains chasing a herd of caribou, a type of reindeer.

(Screen grab/BBC)
(Screen grab/BBC)

And, when the words "a calf becomes separated from the herd" came, pulses started to race quicker than the baby deer itself.

Miraculously, the little one had enough stamina to outstrip the pursuing predator.