Sherlock star Mark Gatiss warns over 'creeping misogyny'


The world is becoming more misogynist, Sherlock star Mark Gatiss has said.

The actor - who plays Sherlock Holmes's brother Mycroft in the hit BBC series that he co-created - called on people to stand up and fight what he called growing levels of sexism.

Mark Gatiss
Mark Gatiss

Speaking on the red carpet at the Women in Film and Television Awards, Mark said such events recognising women were "increasingly important".

He added: "The world is darkening by the moment because the contribution of women is becoming sort of disputed - which is probably the mildest term I could choose to go on camera with - by people who are just determined to denigrate and belittle women - women in general and professional women, women in all kinds of industries, women in television as well.

Mark Gatiss as Mycroft in Sherlock
Mark Gatiss as Mycroft in Sherlock (BBC)

"There are so many incredible women, most of them are channel controllers in this country and it's a fantastic thing to celebrate.

"There is creeping misogyny everywhere, so much of it about."

"(It's) really nasty stuff so we just have to fight," he said.

Julia Davis arrives at the Women in Film & TV Awards
Julia Davis arrives at the Women in Film & TV Awards

Mark was at the annual ceremony to hand an award to actress, writer and comedian Julia Davis, who he called a "genius".

Julia picked up the creative skillset writing award for her hit Sky Atlantic series Camping.