Jeremy Clarkson admits loathing for stag nights and all-male company

Jeremy Clarkson has said he loathes all-male company and has never attended a stag party as a result.

The former Top Gear host said he has been encouraged by the amount of female interest in the new motoring social content platform he has set up with Richard Hammond and James May because he is not interested in all-male environments.

Jeremy Clarkson on the set of The Grand Tour in Whitby.
(Danny Lawson/PA)

Questioned about the gender balance on Drivetribe, a platform which allows car enthusiasts divided into tribes to share content, Jeremy told the Press Association: "One of the areas we have never gone into is men and women, everybody always said we did but we never did and we won't on this.

"I have been very heartened by the amount of girl tribes there are, there are loads and loads of girls' tribes.

"I hate all-male company, I've never been on a stag night for that reason, I just can't be doing with all-male company, there is nothing more boring so I'm delighted to see it's a mix."

James May, Richard Hammond and Jeremy Clarkson
James, Richard and Jeremy (Brian Lawless/PA)

Richard added: "The whole thing is an exercise in inclusivity, that is the point of it. To go after that self-consciously would be a mistake, it's patronising, it's dangerous, if you set that up with cynicism and science it can fall down, whereas this will just happen."

James continued: "We have never looked at gender statistics, I don't even know if we could. I'm sure you can because you can look at everything but why would we worry about that? It's open to everybody."

Fans can find their tribe at or on the Drivetribe app.

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