Scott Eastwood to paps: Let me put my tongue away before you snap me!


Scott Eastwood has a little message for the paparazzi - stop making him look like "a total creep".

The actor jokingly called out photographers after he was snapped on the beach, apparently eyeing up his female companion with what seemed to be a leering look on his face.

He took to Instagram to set the record straight in a light-hearted fashion, explaining that the paps had just caught him in a good old-fashioned water fight.

And he joked that next time he hoped they would let him put his tongue away before snapping the shutter.

Scott wrote: "Thank you Sydney paparazzi for trying to capture my playful side, but instead making me look like a total creep.

"Can't a guy have an innocent splash fight in peace?

"At least let me put my tongue away next time. #creep #30s #oldguyshit #loveit."

Scott Eastwood (Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP)
Scott Eastwood (Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP)

Scott is the son of Hollywood veteran Clint Eastwood.