Watch Usain Bolt run rings around James Corden in an epic rap battle


We all know sprinter Usain Bolt is a champion on the race track but now he is a winner in the rap battle ring too.

He took on James Corden in a special Drop The Mic segment on The Late Late Show and the result was epic.

Usain certainly brought some swagger to the fight, telling James "all I do is win" but the chat show host held his own too.

There were some deep burns about how Usain's gold medal count stacks up against that of American Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps and how he lives in the shadow of Jamaica's bobsled team, which was immortalised in the movie Cool Runnings.

Rap battle

But Usain hit back by unzipping his top to show off his medals, draping them around James's neck and joking that the chat show host could only run as fast as him if someone yelled "dinner".

Usain Bolt

He also threw in a dig about James's hit Carpool Karaoke segment being preparation for when he has to become an Uber driver.