There were mermaids on the Apprentice - and things didn't go as planned

People were promised a breathtaking scene of a mermaid underwater holding her breath, but instead they offered mermaids singing in a dark basement.

This week's challenge on The Apprentice saw the two teams tasked with organising exclusive late-night events at two of London's biggest tourist attractions - The London Aquarium and Madame Tussauds.

With Dillon St Paul leading Team Titans, Grainne McCoy and Courtney Wood were tasked with the all-important sales pitch, where they promised customers a spectacular show of "deep sea extravaganza" at The London Aquarium.

"The show is amazing," Grainne gushed. "We've got a mermaid, she's swimming in the tank. She can hold her breath and do this dancing underwater for like minutes and minutes.

"So it is actually very breathtaking performance - something that you'll always remember."

Yup, sounds amazing. Except it wasn't.

Although, if Courtney and Grainne read the leaflet carefully, they would have known it was a burlesque mermaid performance and not humans pretending to be mythical creatures holding their breaths under water.

The Apprentice.
(BBC screenshot)

But despite the mix-up with the mermaid situation, Team Titans won the task, much to some people's disbelief:

It was Paul Sullivan, project manager of Team Nebula who was shown the door.

Team Titan's fantasy-themed entertainment may have been a bit of a fiasco, but it certainly beat's Courtney's aquarium dating idea...


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