Mel C: British cynicism helps keep our celebrities grounded


British stars are more likely to stay grounded than their international counterparts because of "British cynicism", Spice Girls singer Melanie C has said.

International solo acts such as Justin Bieber and Kanye West have suffered under the glare of the spotlight and the pressure of social media, the star added.

Mel C told the Press Association how glad she was that social media was not around when the Spice Girls shot to fame, saying: "I think everybody, whatever your path is in life, has good times and hard times and difficulties you have to overcome, and all of us girls, in varying degrees, have had that but none of us have had anything so dramatic happen."

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Mel C (Small Steps)

Canadian star Justin, 22, was recently filmed appearing to punch a man after he reached into the pop star's car in Barcelona while West has reportedly been hospitalised for sleep deprivation and dehydration after cancelling the remaining dates of his tour.

Mel C said: "It's hard because Justin Bieber, bless him, is in the media and was so uber-young when he became successful, and often for American artists it's different because there is a bit of a grounding that we have here in Britain.

"We can often be quite cynical but I think that can help keep you a bit more grounded.

"Also, it's a different world that we inhabit and I think being in the public eye now is a lot harder and the intrusion from the media and things like social media is incredible, I'm just so glad it wasn't around when the Spice Girls started."

Mel C
Mel C (Ian West/PA)

Of Kanye, she added: "For someone in his position there is no downtime, which is so important when you're working and you're busy.

"I love every aspect of my work but you do need to have that time behind closed doors to just switch off. It's exhausting being on, like everyone you have bad days and don't want to talk to anyone, I think it's a lot tougher for really high-profile people these days."

Mel C, who recently released new solo album Version Of Me, said she thinks there is an additional strain on solo artists who do not have support from bandmates in the way the Spice Girls did.

She said: "I think that really messes with your head. With the girls, we were actually quite tough on each other but in some ways it was good because no-one was allowed to let their ego go crazy."

Mel C on her new album (Joel Ryan/AP/PA Images)
Mel C on her new album (Joel Ryan/AP/PA Images)

"When you're in that situation and you're very successful and you're making lots of people lots of money, people don't want to say no to you but when you're young people should go 'Oi pack it in, you're being silly, don't do that'.

"We would do that to each other so it's probably quite scary (to be alone). You become a product really, when you're a successful artist, and nobody wants to upset you."

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