Cynthia Nixon: Sex And The City cast had to be 'thin and look great'


Sex And The City star Cynthia Nixon has said the cast of the hit show had to "be thin and look great all of the time".

In an interview with website Net-A-Port, the actress compares Lena Dunham show Girls to the programme that made her famous.

She said: "I think Girls is really important. When sex was bad on Sex And The City, it was funny. And the worse it was, the funnier it was. But when sex is bad on Girls, it can be really hard to watch, and it's sometimes abusive, and it's important to show that.

"Plus, in SATC we had to be thin and look great all the time; in Girls, they have permission to be more real and less airbrushed."

Sex And The City
Sex And The City (PA)

Cynthia, who played Miranda, told the magazine that SATC was the most important show of her career.

"In terms of everything, but especially in how it made me view myself and how other people viewed me.

"I'd always worked happily without focusing much on the way I looked, so it was like a whole undiscovered country."