Viewers finally found out what happened to Alice on The Missing and they're having a complete meltdown


Viewers spent most of the latest episode of The Missing feeling pretty baffled (no change there then).

But it wasn't until the final scene where they found out something they can be certain about - Alice, who's long been assumed dead, is ALIVE. And being kept in a dark tiny room and only given things if she's 'good'.

alice is locked away in the show (Screengrab/BBC)

Viewers only have one thing to say on the matter and there's only one way to say it - with lots and lots of OMGs and caps.

Everyone's favourite French investigator Julien Baptiste had finally worked out that Adam Getrick was the creep behind the abduction of Alice and Sophie, so went snooping round his house and found lots of clues that confirmed it.

But the whole discovery was made even more nervewracking by the fact no-one would believe him - not the police nor Alice's dad - and the fact that, you know, he's dying.

How will it end? Here's hoping for something tranquil like this suggestion, I think we all need it.