Honey G opens up about anti-semitic abuse


Controversial X Factor contestant Honey G has revealed she suffered anti-semitic abuse as a youngster.

The rapper - who was kept in the competition last week after a sing-off with Ryan Lawrie - said she was insulted about her Jewish background when growing up.

She told Jewish News: "I've experienced it the whole of my life.

Honey G.
Honey G (Syco/Thames/Dymond/ITV)

"When I was growing up people used to make fun of me, referring to me as a 'Jewish princess' or talking to me about me looking Jewish, having a Jewish nose, you know. It's quite insulting."

Asked if she was planning on using her experiences for a song in the future, Honey G said: "I know one Yiddish phrase which my grandpa taught me: 'Gai shlog dein kup en vant,' which is, 'Go bang your head against the wall'.

"But as for rapping in Yiddish or Hebrew, I could always have a crack at it, but it's not really on the top of my to-do list at the moment."

The X Factor returns on Saturday night at 8pm.