It's dinner time in the jungle as Adam Thomas smashes another Bushtucker Trial

The I'm A Celebrity...Get Me Our Of Here! campers were all treated to a full meal after Adam Thomas completed his second Bushtucker Trial in a row.

The Emmerdale actor, 28, was initially upset to discover that the public had voted for him to face the challenge again, but his success proved that practice makes perfect.

He joined Danny Baker as the pair were instructed to fetch 12 stars from underwater chambers filled with eels, toads, yabbies, snakes, water dragons and crabs in just 12 minutes.

Not exactly our idea of a relaxing swim.
Not exactly our idea of a relaxing swim (ITV/Rex/Shutterstock)

Managing to retrieve all the available stars - each worth a meal - they returned to a happy welcome from their campmates.

Adam, who earlier said he was in "shock" at being chosen to face another Bushtucker Trial, said: "Boom, 12 stars.

"No-one has ever got 12 stars before except me and Danny, I just want to make that clear, and in record-breaking time."

On Monday, Adam, who suffers from arachnophobia, had to dig through a chest of drawers infested with spiders - among other creepy crawlies - to find meal stars.

The true face of fear.
The true face of fear (ITV/Rex/Shutterstock)

While he only managed to score 11 of the 12 stars, he earned pride and respect from the campers.

But the trials did not end there as the whole team took on the Fright At The Museum challenge in a bid to win dingo dollars.

They were transformed into museum exhibits as they endured 30 minutes shut in boxes gradually filling up with critters, such as rats, bugs and Jordan Banjo's "worst fear", snakes.

"I love a bit of culture, but it's not to be found here," said actor Larry Lamb as the trial began. "I'm afraid this is torture, not culture."

Scarlett is a work of Jungle Museum art.
Scarlett is a work of Jungle Museum art (ITV/Rex/Shutterstock)

But they successfully completed the spine-tingling challenge, boosting their total of dingo dollars to 382.

Deciding against spending 200 on a Skype call home or 80 on 10 minutes of music, they purchased tweezers, a Swiss ball, four glasses of red wine, one white wine, one beer, one gin and tonic, one orange juice and two tea bags.

They enjoyed their drinks with their dinner of eel, provided by Adam and Danny's Bushtucker Trial success and cooked by Larry and former footballer Wayne Bridge.

Family time in the jungle.
Family time in the jungle (ITV/Rex/Shutterstock)

After an enjoyable evening, Gogglebox star Scarlett Moffatt said: "The eel was beautiful, I'm a changed person, I'll eat anything now.

"We got wine, won the trial and got 12 stars, what a great day."

But their pleasant evening may be short lived as the next Bushtucker Trial will see all the campmates face the Vicious Circle, with the winners earning "royalty" positions on Snake Rock, while the losers become their subjects.

:: I'm A Celebrity...Get Me Out Of Here! returns at 9pm on Wednesday on ITV.

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