Ryan Lawrie: We don't talk about Honey G's success


Ryan Lawrie says he has no hard feelings over Honey G.

The Scottish singer was booted off ITV's X Factor after a tense sing-off with the controversial rapper.

But he told Good Morning Britain on Monday that he and his fellow contestants did not feel aggrieved about Honey G's success.

Honey G
Honey G (Syco/Thames/Burmiston/P)

"They're doing their own thing. Nobody really speaks about it. She does what she does and the public seems to love it and she's still here," he said.

Ryan said he hadn't been feeling well before he performed.

"I was off at the start but I feel like I've been really ill. I'm not using that as an excuse," he said, but added: "Even before I went on stage I was really shaky."

And he added: "I feel like nerves as well came into play. The situation was overwhelming. I gave it my best but it wasn't enough."

Emily Middlemas (Syco/Thames/Dymond/PA Images)
Emily Middlemas (Syco/Thames/Dymond/PA Images)

Ryan said that he "probably caught" his illness from girlfriend and fellow contestant Emily Middlemas.

Asked if would still support Emily to win if they split up before the final, he said: "That won't happen."

Good Morning Britain host Piers Morgan added: "I'd love to see Simon Cowell's face if Honey G wins."