Jennifer Lawrence: I get scared when fans come up to me


Jennifer Lawrence has said she gets frightened when fans approach her.

The Hunger Games actress - who was among the victims of hackers who posted nude pictures of famous women online in 2014 - said while members of the public recognise her, she does not know them.

On occasion, she said, she even finds herself being rude to people who have invaded her personal space.

Jennifer Lawrence
Jennifer Lawrence (Jonathan Short AP/PA Images)

Jennifer told Vanity Fair magazine: "You might think you know me, but when you approach me you're a total stranger to me and I'm scared.

"I get very protective of my space. It took me a long time to be able to do that.

"But if I'm eating dinner and somebody comes up and a flash goes off from someone's iPhone camera, I am really rude to that person.

"Then other people at the restaurant will see and be like, 'Oh, damn, I don't want to do that'."

The Oscar-winner continued: "Privacy is a full-time job and I work very hard at it."

Jen, 26, also said that despite her stardom she sometimes feels insecure about her appearance.

She said Paris Fashion Week was "the most intimidating time to be alive".

She said: "You get ready in your hotel and you're like, 'I look awesome.'

"Then you walk outside, see the outfits and people who are like seven feet tall, and are like, I am a piece of garbage. I'm not going out any more'."