Planet Earth II preview: Glimpse what's in store in the Jungles episode


It may have taken nearly three years to make, involving 117 filming trips across 40 countries, but the BBC nature spectacular Planet Earth II is well worth it.

The Sir David Attenborough-narrated show has already grabbed headlines with its first two episodes, so we expect the third , titled Jungles, to be no different.

alapagos racer snakes peer from their hiding places in the rocks, watching for emerging marine iguana hatchlings that would make for an easy meal. (BBC)
Galapagos racer snakes had viewers captivated (BBC)

So far, the show has shown gripping footage of a baby marine iguana trying to escape a nest of racer snakes, and footage of what some labelled a "rape" between two mating snow leopards.

The third episode sees the team head to the jungle in Brazil, exploring the rainforests of Costa Rica and the verdant offerings in Madagascar.

Here is a small glimpse of what is in store for viewers:

1. Jaguars

Female Jaguar watching for prey on the banks of a river in Brazil.  - (C) BBC - Photographer: screen grab
A female jaguar eyes her prey (BBC)

Among the things viewers will see is a female jaguar on a riverbank in the jungle in Brazil, looking for prey.

A Jaguar patrols a riverbank in the jungle looking for prey.  Central Brazil (BBC NHU/Emma Napper)
The Jaguar is seen on patrol as it searches for its next meal (BBC)

2. Indri Lemurs

Indri will feature ((C) BBC NHU/Tom Hugh-Jones)
Indris will feature in the latest episode (BBC)

Indri Lemurs are the largest of their variety to be found in Madagascar. They live in rainforests and will be shown soaring through the air as they leap from one tree to the next.

3. A red-eyed tree frog

A red-eyed tree frog in Costa Rica  - ((C) BBC NHU/Emma Napper )
The colourful tree frog (BBC )

4. A glass eye male frog

A glass frog male in Costa Rica ((C) BBC - Photographer: screen grab)
Frogs are a theme in the 'Jungles' episode (BBC )