An Ant and Dec superfan admired the duo so much he got their faces tattooed on his butt

An Ant and Dec superfan proved he was a fan like no other with an inking of the duo's faces his bum.

Lee Crane, 28, approached tattoo artist Steve Bell - who runs the Clockwork Orange parlour in Norton, Teesside - to take on the task.

Steve said the job took two-and-a-half hours per cheek. Half way through the job, he broke his hand - so for some months Lee only had half of the famous duo, Ant, on one butt cheek.

Last week, he returned to the shop to have Dec inked on the other.

Ant and Dec tattoo
(Steve Bell/PA)

Steve had seen a photo of Ant and Dec recreating the Lady and the Tramp spaghetti-eating scene and suggested it to his client.

The tattooist said: "He is from the Newcastle area and he is a big Ant and Dec fan.

"All in it took five hours, it was two-and-a-half hours per cheek.

"Now it is his ambition to get his tattoo signed by them."

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