The 6 BIG things we learned from Anna Kendrick's new book


She was great when she joined the Twilight cast, and as her career has rocketed, so has our love for Anna Kendrick.

But it isn't just on the big screen - in both Pitch Perfect films, Up In The Air and this year's Trolls and The Accountant - where she has come into her own.

Her new book, Scrappy Little Nobody, includes tips on everything you need to know, from dating to why you shouldn't bother being nice, which she has learned the hard way.

Released this week, People Magazine takes us through some of the best bits of her latest collection of personal essays.

1. How to get through an interview.

When you're faced with a nerve-racking situation, they always tell you to picture the other people in the room naked. Anna recommends (rather, can't help) doing it a slightly different way. But as this clip shows, this is not helpful in every situation.

2. You don't HAVE to fall in love with the wrong people, all the time.

In the book, which contains a whole chapter devoted to "Boys", she confesses: "Something amazing happened to me when I hit my mid-20s...I stopped liking guys who didn't like me back. In fact, I stopped liking guys who were bad people."

Reflecting on her words of wisdom, she told the magazine: "I was just so obsessed with certifiable non-winners...I allowed myself to believe that guys were more magical than they were. The one who makes you work for it is even more magical because you don't have something that is fulfilling you in your life."

3. Never underestimate the value of friendship.

Expanding on the same subject, she advises confiding in friends should you find yourself with an aforementioned certifiable non-winner.

She writes: "Ladies, if you ever date a guy who shows up at your apartment uninvited, or calls you from someone else's phone when you block his number, or inspires you to attach a little can of Mace to your key ring, tell your friends! They will help you!"

But she also acknowledges the difficulties of holding down a social life if you happen to be a highly sought-after movie star. In her usual self-deprecating style, she jokes: "Do you mind if I just disappear for two months? Work on a film and forget about the outside world? Cool, but then you'll be there for me when I come out of it? Thanks!"

4. Being nice isn't everything - even if it makes you a b****.

Now, for the well-mannered, British stiff upper-lippers, this may be hard to swallow. But Anna says: "I do think that niceness is a set of etiquette and while etiquette is important, I don't think that it's more important than core values.

"You can have really strong core values and kind of be a surly b****, you know? I felt I really beat myself up about it and thought it was something I should really work on and then I thought no, if I actually ask myself, there are qualities that I think are more important and that I think are more valuable."

5. When in doubt, call George Clooney.

George Clooney.
George Clooney (Pablo Martinez Monsivais/AP/PA)

Advice we wish we could could follow in pretty much any situation ever.

Anna recounts a number of times mate George helped her balance her nerves - especially when filming Up In The Air.

She said that, when she would "silently spiral" before important scenes in a panic that she would get fired, he would kindly "throw something near my head" to get her to "snap out of it".

We might not have the advantage of GC ourselves, but there is some useful advice in there somewhere.

6. When there's no George, there are always some fall-back options.

Rules. For. Life.