I'm A Celebrity starts the day with a massage - but Larry Lamb lowers the tone

Life in the I'm A Celebrity camp got off to a relaxing start in tonight's episode, when the celebrities began their day with a massage train.

Viewers tuning in towards the end of a long week wished they could join in as Carol Vorderman settled in to a shoulder rub from Sam Quek - who had her knots eased out by Scarlett Moffatt.

I'm A Celebrity
All aboard the massage train (Rex)

But some fans of the ITV show were a little perturbed by the noises it brought out of Carol.

Still, that massage train looked good.

And when camp hunk Joel Dommett joined the line, viewers melted.

But we were all brought back down to Earth with a thud when Larry Lamb started lecturing camp on the proper way to take a poo - which apparently involves keeping your feet up.

Still, at least Larry redeemed himself with his workout routine.

This year's campers are definitely getting on unusually well.

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