This timelapse showing the creation of an Earthworm Jim sculpture is awesome


Remember Earthworm Jim? The swashbuckling galactic worm from the 1994 video game these cool kids are playing?

a girl plays Earthworm Jim (Shakar Azran/AP)
(Shakar Azran/AP)

Well, sculptor Chris Vierra fancied taking a trip down memory lane by creating his own version of the 90es hero, who could turn his earthworm body into a lasso.

Chris, known as Sculpture Geek online, has been sculpting for 13 years and works for the toy and collectible industry. All of his work is done by hand.

Talking about his timelapse videos, in which he makes different figurines, Chris said: "The work that is filmed is of personal projects, just for fun.

"Characters that I've wanted to see made into 3D. I've loved video games since I was a kid so that's mostly the subject matter that I like to sculpt in my free time."