Have Spandau Ballet fallen out? Again?


Actor and Spandau Ballet guitarist Martin Kemp has revealed that the band members are on frosty terms.

Speaking on BBC Radio 2´s Steve Wright in the Afternoon show on Monday, he said that the line-up - who have had ups and downs in the past - had made up, and then fallen out again.

Asked if the band were "all mates now", the 55-year-old said: "No. Well, we were back together, but we've fallen out again now. You can't keep us together for very long!

Everything looks friendly here...
Everything looks friendly here... (Ian West/PA)

"You know what it's like. Anything that's successful has its problems.

"I'll be honest, I am really happy in the band - always have been. My comfortable pair of shoes is inside that band and I love that.

"I love seeing the other guys, but there's five of us in the band and you have to get all five to say yes at the same point. That's where it becomes difficult.

"That was quite diplomatic, wasn't it?"

Formed in 1979, the New Romantic group of Londoners famously split in the 1990s following a rift over royalties, before reuniting in 2009.

Now all aged in their fifties, they have been performing around the world in the past few years.

But the years of experience haven't necessarily made things easier, Martin explained.

"Being in a band when you're a kid is really easy," he said, "because you all have the same kind of ambition and the same amount of money. You're all aiming for the same purpose, which is to get that number one record.

"But the older you get, your purpose changes. Your ambitions change. And that's when it becomes difficult."

Martin didn't go into much more detail than that, but that's understandable as it looks like he had other things on his mind - namely celebrating almost 30 years of marriage to the singer Shirlie Holliman.

Tagging the mother of his two children, he tweeted on Monday: