Duncan James assures fans he's fine after emergency hospital dash


Duncan James has told his fans that he is out of hospital after having to visit A&E in the early hours of the morning.

The Blue singer and Hollyoaks actor, 38, had been awoken by pains in his leg - which he described as feeling "like electric shots" - and took himself to seek medical help.

He later wrote on Twitter that he was out and that the issue appears to have been down to one of his nerves waking up after undergoing surgery earlier this year.

Hollyoaks' Duncan James (Channel 4/PA Images)

Duncan wrote: "Back from hospital with some good medication 2 help with nerve pain! Thankfully it's my s1 nerve starting 2 wake up after 5 months of (sleeping)."

The singer-turned-actor had initially written on Twitter, at around 3.30am on Monday: "Woke up with terrible nerve pains in my left leg. Feels like electric shots! Currently sat in a bath. Any other suggestions?"

This was followed around an hour later by: "Right that's me sat in a&e then for a few hours."

At just after 8am, he updated his followers with: "Still in a&e in a cubical and listening to all the nurses having a full on convo about @TheXFactor and #honeyG!"

After seemingly being in hospital for several more hours, he was sent away.

Duncan, who is currently starring in Hollyoaks after making his debut as Ryan Knight in August, revealed earlier this year that doctors warned him he may never walk again following a back injury.

His debut in the Channel 4 soap was postponed after he was rushed back to hospital suffering complications in June following emergency surgery for the injury.

He told the Sunday Mirror in August: "Doctors told me I could have spent the rest of my life in a wheelchair - or died. The feeling in my leg may take years to come back - and it may never return."

Duncan had immediate surgery on the day he woke up to find his left leg was numb, but he later started to suffer from crippling headaches, and his back wound opened.

He underwent more surgery and praised the hospital staff for being the "only reason I can walk today".