Some think Donald Trump's presidency is a sign Honey G will win The X Factor


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This has definitely been a year of surprises. Whether it's been Britain's exit from the EU, Leicester's shock Premier League trophy or the president no one really saw coming - Donald Trump in case you hadn't heard - 2016 has thrown us the curviest of curve balls.

It's no wonder then people have now the craziness of 2016 could be affecting X Factor too, as rap artist Honey G creeps towards being a serious contender for the music competition.

Some have already given up.

Others seem to be struggling to put things in perspective.

A certain few believe these things come in threes.

And some of them are now terrified Christmas could be ruined too.

While others have lost faith in humanity altogether.

For some at least though, it's a case of if you can't beat them, join them.

You know what? If Honey G winning means she does another one of these knee slides again, we're totally behind her too...