Honey G hits back at haters Lily Allen and Professor Green

X Factor novelty rapper Honey G has slammed Lily Allen and Professor Green for criticising her act.

The controversial contestant, who has divided viewer opinion but has got through to the next live show each week, reckons established names in the music business who have questioned her credentials have got her all wrong.

Lily recently ripped into the 35-year-old on BBC Radio 1, saying: "I find it offensive. So wrong on so many levels, I can't even start to talk about it."

Honey G X Factor
Honey G wants people to respect her (Thames/Syco Entertainment)

But Honey G told GetWestLondon: "My mum is a pianist and I've followed in her footsteps. Her music is classical and mine is rap. I come from a musical background. People haven't done their homework on me.

"Lily Allen said she finds it offensive but she needs to get her facts right. Professor Green said I'm taking the mickey out of rap music.

"But then Snoop Dogg has talked about doing a record with me and 50 Cent has backed me."

Lily Allen
Lily Allen is not a fan of Honey G (Alastair Grant/AP)

On Saturday night's ITV show, head judge Simon Cowell told her: "There are so many people who are getting their knickers in a twist over you.

"You know what, music can be fun. And you're fun, and you're believable, and you're entertaining, and by the way, backstage you are one of the nicest contestants we've ever had on this show."

Honey G insisted she was well qualified for success. "I have been told I am not going to make it and could never win. But I have beaten thousands to get to where I am," she said.

Honey G X Factor
Honey G says she has a strong musical background (Thames/Syco Entertainment)

"People who have said I am not going to be able to follow my dreams, these people need their head checked as I am through to the sixth show of X Factor.

"Anyone who is saying I am a joke don't know I have a 2:1 degree in music technology and production."

The unlikely rapper, real name Anna Gilford, explained to the local news site how her knee slide fail when finding out she had survived another week on Sunday night's results show was down to a wardrobe malfunction.

Talking about the bungled victory celebration, she said: "What happened was in the dress rehearsal I tried the move and had a different outfit on and then had leather trousers on and it didn't agree with the surface unfortunately."

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