Would you apply for the 'worst job in Ireland'?


When the company itself describes a position as the worst job in the country, you know you're in for a stormer.

Ryanair has shown a hilarious level of self-awareness in its tongue-in-cheek job advertisement for assistant to "misunderstood but beloved CEO" Michael O'Leary.

Michael O'Leary
Your potential future boss (Niall Carson/PA)

There's no doubt about it, all jobs have their ups and downs. You have to put up with things like irritating admin and Kevin from finances with the bad breath because overall, you love what you do.

If that sounds at all familiar to you, you might want to stay away from this particular position.

On first look, the job seems pretty run-of-the mill, involving "treasury & portfolio management" and "tax analysis & returns". Snore.

But then things starts getting a little bit out of left field. In the job, you can also expect "General drudgery". Hmmm, it's sounding increasingly less appealing now...

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Let's get down to the nitty-gritty. What are the essential attributes needed for the job?

- Thick skin
- Saint-like patience
- Aversion to bolloxology
- Own collection of nursery rhymes/bedtime stories
- Ability to operate without sleep or contact with the outside world
- (Ego) massage qualifications

Yikes. Now we understand why even Ryanair admits it's the worst job in Ireland...

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So if you've got this far and still want the job, tread carefully because "Dubs fans, Man U supporters and cyclists will not only be automatically excluded from the process, but will be tracked down, tortured and shot."

For more information on how to apply for this job (if you're not a Man U fan), you can have a look here.

We wonder how many applications Ryanair will get.