People were absolutely gripped by the twisted finale of Dark Angel


Tonight saw the feature-length conclusion of the engrossing period drama Dark Angel on ITV, and boy did it capture people's attention.

There's nothing quite like a Victorian serial killer doing the rounds with arsenic-laced tea to really spice up a Monday night, is there?

Real-life serial killer Mary Ann Cotton is the protagonist of the show, and people just couldn't handle her level of crazy.

It's not even the adults she does away with, but her own kids too.

Dark Angel

There's no two ways around it: she's a pretty nasty piece of work.

Dark Angel

One thing people couldn't wrap their heads around was just how many deaths there were in one show. So. Many. Bodies.

Dark Angel dead body

Even though it was a period drama, people weren't taking any chances with their own tea as they got stuck into the programme.

Perhaps what was most shocking about the show was the fact that it was based on a true story.

That's why people were pretty relieved when the game was finally up for Mary and she was caught for all her murders. The main question on everyone's lips was how did she get away with it for so long?

And yes, everyone was making the same terrible pun about her last name.

The show was equally as gripping as it was disturbing, so people are just pretty gutted that it's all over.

Dark Angel