Sadiq Khan makes hilarious surprise appearance in Citizen Khan


The Mayor of London surprised a few comedy fans when he popped up in BBC One's popular show, Citizen Khan.

Sadiq Khan made a welcome cameo in the first episode of the fifth series of the Birmingham-based sitcom, delighting fans when he was summarily arrested after a case of mistaken identity with the show's main character, Mr Khan.

Sadiq Khan
The Mayor of London introduces himself to a policeman... before being arrested (BBC)

This week, Mr Khan promised too much and found himself in hot water after boasting that he was on friendly terms with British cricketer, Moeen Ali.

It wasn't long before the calamitous Mr Khan found himself being chased by police at Birmingham's Edgbaston cricket ground, where he bumped into the London Mayor before escaping arrest when the police mistook them for each other.

And it wasn't long before eager viewers were commenting on just how much they loved the mayor's appearance.

Perhaps it was slightly unfortunate that not every guest appearance on the show was met with the same enthusiasm, however...

Poor Michael Vaughan and Jonathan Agnew. You can't blame a pundit for trying.