Nicola Adams is 'over the moon' to be paving the way for girls at the Mobo Awards


It might be a while since Rio 2016, but gold medallist Nicola Adams MBE inspired everyone again as she stepped on to the Mobo stage.

The boxer, 34, was awarded the special Paving The Way award for her pioneering achievements in the world of sport.

She said: "I was absolutely over the moon when I found out that I was receiving this award.

She's no Mobo, but...
She's no Mobo, but... (Eddie Mulholland/The Daily Telegraph/PA)

"It's so nice to be receiving it just because I've worked so hard and paving the way for other girls so they don't have to struggle coming up in boxing and there's a path for them to follow.

"They know they can box for England, go to BoxingGB and hopefully be at the Olympics and hopefully win some more gold medals."

Her inspirational words made people watching fall back in love with her all over again...

But it has been an emotional night for everyone involved.

Here's what the stars are saying...

Tallia Storm is loving life back in Glasgow.

Glasgow loved having you back too, Tallia.
Glasgow loved having you back too, Tallia (Andrew Milligan/PA)

Originally from the city herself, the 18-year-old R&B singer said: "I'm so excited to be back in Glasgow. This is huge. I haven't been back here in so long, so this is a really big deal for me.

"I'm presenting best album award, which I can't believe. It's such a huge honour, such a privilege."

It's a Mobo first for Chase and Status.

And the award for best suit goes to...
And the award for best suit goes to... (Andrew Milligan/PA)

Nominated for best song, Chase and Status (Will Kennard and Saul Milton) said: "It's a real honour. We've been watching the Mobos for many years and it's the first time we've arrived to play and on the flip we've also been nominated for best song, so we feel blessed to be invited."

Laura Mvula is thrilled to be accepted for her "weird music".

She might be
She might be "weird", but we love it (Andrew Milliagn/PA)

Could Laura have been surprised when she was nominated for best female act?

She said: "What a privilege. This is really special. I have to say I'm not used to being in an environment where the majority of the people look like me. In music that's special, so I'm happy to just be in the mix - nomination or not, truly to be acknowledged at all, especially when people put me in a weird box of weird music that no one understands - that's boring and not really accurate.

"I'm here and I'm accepted and they think I'm something.