Apprentice's choir tactic is out of tune for viewers


Apprentice hopeful Frances Bishop certainly seemed proud of her songwriting efforts in tonight's episode - but others weren't so sure.

Her team employed a gospel choir to help them promote their product in this week's crowdfunding exercise, with the children's clothing company owner changing some of the words of their song to include "cycling" and "crowdfunding".

The Apprentice
Frances, right, composed a song (BBC)

She enthusiastically talked about her new-found talent for songwriting, but the choir didn't look too impressed.

And viewers thought what she'd composed was more of a comedy ditty.

Some entertained themselves further by trying to lend a hand in rewriting music to fit.

It was a little confusing what the connection between a choir and a cycling business was.

No matter the quality of Frances' songwriting skills, though - didn't they all miss a trick?

Let's hope there's no musical challenge in the coming weeks.