JK Rowling thrills fans by retweeting their Potter-themed Halloween costumes


Before Halloween 2016 finally gives up the ghost, there's one more frighteningly good story we just have to draw your attention to.

If there's one time of year that Harry Potter fans live for, it has to be Halloween, when they get the opportunity to dress up as their favourite characters from JK Rowling's books.

Harry Potter
Harry Potter is a top Halloween costume choice for many (Warner Bros)

The author made some of their lives on Monday when she started retweeting some of the best efforts she'd seen.

A lot of people went for elaborate Potter-themed pumpkin designs.

Harry is a classic outfit choice, and these children pulled it off particularly well.

Characters don't come much scarier than Dolores Umbridge.

And there were some terrifying takes on Death Eaters.

Tom Riddle was another creepy costume that proved popular.

Some fans got together with friends to recreate a Potter world.

Extra points go to this person for managing to be three of the main characters all at once.

And just for good measure, JK Rowling included a celebrity fan, too.

We're already working on our Fantastic Beasts costumes for 2017.